Delivery and shipping policy

Influexo and its distributors/suppliers reserve the right to restrict shipments to within India. All orders must be placed with a residential ship-to address. Orders with P.O. Box, APO, or FPO shipping addresses will not be processed. Any orders with shipping addresses outside India will not be processed. Individual suppliers may have additional shipping restrictions. However, in no way does the absence of a specific shipping policy by a supplier imply that the supplier offers any of the above mentioned services.

Shipping and handling charges

You are responsible for these charges for shipments that are refused or returned for any non-supplier caused. We are not responsible for incidental or consequential damages or losses to defective products, errors in shipping your order, or other errors. The limit of our liability is the replacement cost of any item you purchase from us. ANY ODD SIZED OR EXCESSIVE WEIGHTED ITEMS MAY REQUIRE A CUSTOM SHIPPING COST CALCULATION FROM Influexo. ON THESE OCCASIONS, THE ORDERS WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL YOU HAVE APPROVED THE CUSTOM SHIPPING COST. Depending on information provided by the supplier, Influexo may publish the shipping weights of items. The publication, or absence of, shipping weights cannot be used to determine ship cost and/or your financial obligation. The ‘Ship Cost’ provided on every product page and in the shopping cart should solely be used for determining the ship cost.

Order placement

Influexo is not responsible for loss, or damages as a result of misplaced, mis-ordered or other typographical errors that occur during order placement. The members has sole responsibility for verifying the accuracy of the order, including actual item, pricing, shipping, and/or handling, prior to order submission. Order placement means (single, batch or API) does not change member responsibility and subsequent financial responsibility.

Order changes

Generally, once an order is placed, it cannot be changed in any way. However, under certain circumstances, orders can be canceled and/or modified. If the Member contacts Influexo’s customer service department using the online form as soon as possible with a change request, it may be occasionally possible to amend the order. Influexo is not responsible for any loss, or damages that are a result of a change request occurring after the order has been placed.

Order returns

Refunds can be issued for the following cases:

  • Received wrong item or wrong color, size, or model, etc. We need evidence.
  • Received in damaged condition. We need evidence.
  • Item is defective or malfunction. We will verify proper usage/handling.
  • Item is extremely poor quality. We need evidence within 5 days of receipt. Note that we do not refund if due to minor flaws caused during production or shipping process.
  • Insufficient quantity. We will either partial refund or reship missing quantity.
  • Order is extremely late or lost.
  • Ordered wrong item or no longer needs the item. We need evidence that the returned item has reached our warehouse. We will partial refund 80% of the item price and retain 20% as restocking fee.

Note : Generally, you have the option of either refund or reship.